Elmarie Neilson profile

Elmarie Neilson profile

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Elmarie Neilson has decades of experience as an Attorney, and specialises in Matrimonial, Family and Maintenance Law and related litigation.She is also qualified to appear in the High Court the same as an advocate. This saves her clients legal fees as they don’t have to appoint an advocate as well.

Her practice also has extensive experience in Deceased Estates, Wills and Trusts and Collaborative Law.

Elmarie Neilson is a fully trained and qualified Mediator and Facilitator, providing mediation in divorces, commercial disputes and estate disputes.We mostly litigate in the Cape High Court. With modern technology we can service local and overseas clients.

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B.Iuris, LLB, Law Table View, Cape Town +27 (0)21 557 8552/9 info@neilsonsattorneys.co.za
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www.neilsonsattorneys.co.za Neilsons Attorneys +27 (0)86 646 7844  
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