How to conduct a Peer Mediation program in your school

Should your elementary or middle school wish to conduct a Peer Mediation program, a scripted role-play describing the Peer Mediation process is provided. Additionally, a copy of the Peer Mediation Contract is included.

This must be signed by the two disputants after going through the Peer Mediation process.

Peer Mediation Step-by-Step Process

This article includes a seven-page script revealing the step-by-step process of any given Peer Mediation session. The final page of this PDF file is a copy of the Peer Mediation Contract.

The rules of the Peer Mediation session are:

Rule #1: I am willing to try to solve my problem through mediation.
Rule #2: Only one person talks at a time.
Rule #3: There should be no name-calling or put-downs.
Rule #4: We both need to tell the truth.
Rule #5: There is to be no physical fighting, yelling, or throwing things.
Rule #6: Everything of a personal nature must be kept confidential.
Rule #7: If something I say would harm me, each other, or anyone else, the mediation coordinator must report it to the principal.

The six steps of a Peer Mediation session include:

STEP ONE: Agree to Mediate.
STEP TWO: Gather Points of View.
STEP THREE: Focus on Interests.
STEP FOUR: Create WIN-WIN Options.
STEP FIVE: Evaluate Options.
STEP SIX: Create an Agreement.

In the follow-up steps, the two disputants discuss what they can do to keep this type of conflict ever happening again.

Peer Mediation session script and contract

You would need to make enough copies of this Peer Mediation session script so that it can be used by the Peer Mediators for the following two purposes:

Three copies for an actual Peer Mediation session: One each for the two Peer Mediators and one for the adult monitor present in the room.

Multiple copies to be used in the training sessions for the students agreeing to become school Peer Mediators.

You would need to make multiple copies of this Peer Mediation contract. One copy will be used in each and every Peer Mediation session.

Examples of an actual Peer Mediation session

A False Rumor about Brittany: Brittany discovers that either Christy or Sarah has spread a false rumor that she has cheated on her boyfriend named Corey. Will Brittany discover who really started the rumor and why? Will Corey believe that she was innocent and take her back?

Peer Mediation Role-Play between Marvin & Dan: Dan and his friends make fun of Marvin’s name. They wrongly accuse him of being gay. Marvin gets so frustrated that he signs up to go through a Peer Mediation session with Dan in the hopes that the name-calling and ridicule will stop.

Follow-Up Example of how to keep the Peer Mediation Session Confidential:

If You’re My Friend, Just Let It Be: After a Peer Mediation session has concluded, the participants are cautioned to keep the session completely confidential. See what the two disputants do to get their friends from trying to get them to reveal what happened during the procedure.

By Debbie Dunn, Examiner
12 March, 2014
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